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Sample Resignation Letter for Those of You who are Preparing to Leave the Company

Often employees feel confused about what they need to do before submitting their resignation from the company where they work. One of them is preparing a resignation letter. Making this resignation letter is indeed very confusing and need to be well prepared for those who want to leave the company. The reason is that they don’t want to leave a bad impression on the place they work for.

So, for those of you who are preparing a resignation letter, pay attention to the following things that will help you in preparing a good and appropriate resignation letter!

Definition of Resignation Letter

Before discussing this job resignation letter, it’s a good idea to know what a resignation letter is so that you can make the resignation letter properly and correctly.

A resignation letter is an official letter that contains a statement that an employee wants to resign from his job or company. When writing this letter, you need to pay attention to the form of delivery so that you still leave a positive impression at the old company where you worked.

Maybe you have resigned by speaking directly to your HR. However, it is better for you to also prepare a resignation letter to make it more formal and look professional. In addition, a resignation letter will highlight that you are a polite person.

Steps Before Writing a Resignation Letter

Resignation Letter
  1. Discuss with superiors

This is important for you to do considering that during your time at work, your boss is a partner or one of your closest people. Bosses need to know the reason each employee resigns from work. So, don’t forget to prepare a logical reason why you are resigning!

  1. Prepare yourself! Chances are you will get a re-offer

You have a great chance of receiving a re-offer from your employer. Especially if you are a tenacious employee and have the potential to be developed by the company. Chances are you will receive tempting offers such as salary increases, perks, bonuses, and even promotions. So, prepare carefully for the decisions you will take.

  1. Re-checking the employment contract

It is very important for those of you who are planning to resign to re-examine the work contract that you signed at the beginning of the work period. Usually, companies have requirements on how long you have to work for the company. If you resign less than the stipulated period of employment, you must prepare some money to pay the fine.

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Sample Resignation Letter Based on the Field

Like a letter in general, in a resignation letter, there are several things that you include, such as recipient, company name, company address, the contents of the letter in the form of the reason you are resigning, the author’s clear name, and no less important is the place and date you wrote the letter.

Here we provide examples of some resignation letters that you can use as references to write a good and correct resignation letter.

1. Resignation letter of an employee

September 10, 2021

Mr/Mrs. HRD

PT Sukses Sentosa

Manggis Street No. VI

Dear Mr/Mrs Hrd,

I am Alexandria Marie, wishing to announce my resignation from PT Sehat Sentosa as a Data Analyst. This resignation submission is effective as of September 10, 2021.

Through this letter of resignation, I would like to thank you for the opportunity that has been given to PT Sehat Sentosa. I have gained many things and experiences that will help me develop in the future. I also want to apologize if there are mistakes intentionally or unintentionally during my work at this company.

Hopefully, PT Sehat Sentosa will be more successful in the future. Thank you for your attention.


Alexandria Marie

2. Resignation letter of organizational member

September 13, 2021

General Head

Jakarta Youth Association

Merdeka Street No. 34

Through this letter, I would like to convey my intent and purpose to resign from the position of secretary. The reason behind my resignation was that I wanted to pursue my education so I could not spend time in this organization.

While working with the Jakarta Youth Association, I learned valuable lessons about organizing. Those experiences helped me grow to be better. I also want to apologize if I have mistakes and shortcomings during the organization.

This is my resignation letter. I would like to express my gratitude.


Andrew Benjamin.

3. Resignation letter of Manager/Director

October 14, 2021

Head of HR Division

PT Selalu Sukses

Jalan Asia Afrika No. 45

Yours faithfully,

By the decision of the board of directors, through this application letter, I am:

Name : Agus Sutantyo

Position : Director

I am resigning from my manager position as of October 14, 2021.

During my service at PT Selalu Sukses, I have gained various valuable knowledge. The invaluable experience of my colleagues has helped me a lot to develop into a better person. Hopefully, I can become a more professional person in the future. I am also willing to help during the transition period for the smooth implementation of the tasks I left behind.

Hopefully, PT Always Sukses will advance to become a bigger, better company in the future.

Thank you for your attention.


Agus Sutantyo

4. Resignation letter of teacher

September 3, 2021


Headmistress of Bina Bangsa High School

Mawar Street No. 189

Yours faithfully,

Through this letter of resignation, I am:

Name : Rudi Suwarso

Position : Biology Teacher

Officially resigned from the position of a Biology teacher at Bina Bangsa Senior High School as of September 3, 2021.

In addition, I would also like to thank my fellow teachers and other staff at Bina Bangsa Senior High School  for the experience and knowledge I have gained while teaching this school. On this occasion, I would also like to apologize to all levels of the School Committee and the Bina Bangsa Foundation if there is an unpleasant mistake.

Hopefully, Bina Bangsa High School will achieve more, both in academic and non-academic fields, so that it can continue to print the next generation of the nation who has a noble character, is intelligent, and can be proud.

Thank you for your attention.

Yours faithfully,

Rudi Suwarso

Reason for Submitting Resignation Letter

  1. Family

Family can be an excuse, especially for employees who live abroad to resign. Wanting to take care of parents or family members who are sick is their reason for resigning.

  1. Unable to develop self-potential further

Some employees want a challenge at work. They will feel bored if there is nothing else that he gets in his work other than salary. Usually, this reason is used by employees who want to get out of their comfort zone and have the desire to try new things.

  1. Uncomfortable office conditions

The environment is one of the important factors for a person’s level of comfort at work. There are many reasons why office conditions are considered uncomfortable, including the distance that must be passed, poor sanitation, etc.

  1. Experiencing high stress

Lack of friends to tell stories and poor communication with superiors are factors why employees experience stress. Employees who cannot stand the pressure decide to resign for reasons of stress.

  1. Want to continue the studies to a higher level

This excuse is used by employees who are still relatively young and still have a million dreams for their future careers. They want to focus and continue their studies to a higher level to lead them to a brilliant career.

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A resignation letter is not something you can take for granted. Even if you want to leave the company you work for, you still need to make a positive impression on the company and your boss. Professional attitude can be seen in the way the person leaves the workplace. Therefore, pay attention to the resignation letter that you will give to your boss. Keep giving a positive image as an employee.

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