5 Tips to Cut Employee Turnover in Restaurant Business

5 Tips to Cut Employee Turnover in Restaurant Business Source: iStock

The National Restaurant Association (NRA) showed that the restaurant employee turnover reach 70% per year. The result makes the employee turnover big issue in food and beverage business as it caused industry loss up to  5,864 US Dollar. It challenges the restaurateurs to cut employee turnover. As quoted in Restaurant Den, here are 5 tips to cut employee turnover in restaurant business:

Choose the right staff

Choosing the right staff is one of the ways to cut employee turnover. Do not only read their CV as you want to hire new staff because it’s never enough. Pay attention to their enthusiasm and optimism as you interview them. You can also judge how capable they are while answering your questions. You can also check their employment history by asking their references. This simple thing can help you to cut employee turnover in your restaurant business.

Provide a proper training for your staff

It’s a shame if a good company doesn’t give a proper training to their staff. You need to remember that every company, in this case restaurant, has different culture. Give them some time to adapt and learn about your company culture. A week or two may be enough, depends on their duties. While they are learning their new culture, give them warm welcome. It is important hence they will feel that they are part of your company.

Hold regular meeting with your staff

If you want to cut the employee turnover, hold a regular meeting with your staff and make an open discussion. Listen to their issues, critics, or advice for your company. Don’t forget to give them feedback. You can also try some changes that your staff suggest as long as it is positive. They will feel that their contributions are valuable for you and the business.

However you can’t avoid them who want to leave. Once they resign, give them an exit interview and find out why they decide to leave. Once you know what the issues are you can try to prevent this happen again.

Give them appreciation

You need to know that there are so many employee get less appreciation from their boss. A simple ‘thank you’ can make them feel appreciated and it’s not impossible that it can cut the employee turnover. Be creative when you want to appreciate them. Give them gift or shop voucher, or rewards to keep them enthusiastic. And don’t forget to always say ‘thank you’ for their hard work.

Implement Restaurant Software to cut employee turnover

Yes, you can’t avoid employee turnover but it doesn’t mean you can’t try to cut employee turnover. But you’ll be okay as long as you hire the right staff and keep appreciating your staff hard work. But it’s not enough. Using ERP system in your restaurant can help you to cut employee turnover too. ERP software will help your staff do their duties easily and fast. The automation will reduce stress and definitely make them enjoy their job.

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