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7 Best Solutions for a Confused, Nervous New Manager

If you just got promoted as a new manager, you might experience confusion, not knowing what exactly to do, or get used to the new role. Or even, you don’t even know how to spend your new salary.

But on top of all, you feel this nerve-wracking confusion because you don’t know how to act as a manager. Well, say no more because in this article we will help you out of the unknown!

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download skema harga software erp

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Admit that you’re a starter

To be a good manager, of course, you have to start learning things, no matter how small it is. Start looking for tools, readings, and classes that make your work easier in the future. You can consider using ERP systems to automate various operational processes of your company to be more efficient, accurate, and already supported by Artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Some companies provide training, policies, and HR guides when they appoint someone. Read them thoroughly and meticulously. Then, identify the people who will work for you. Make sure that you read their profiles, resumes, performance reviews, and goals as well. 

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Dress up like you’re a leader

In fact, if you don’t behave and dress like a leader whereas you are, you’ll find many obstacles in managing your team. 

So, what does a leader look like?

It depends on the organization where you work. Look around your workplace environment and watch how the executives dress. Then, follow them. 

One thing to note here: don’t transform how you dress in one night because it will look unnatural. Do it slowly and follow the norms at the office. While we’re implementing this step gradually, you can start spending the new salary to purchase proper outfits. 

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Find a mentor you can rely on

Sooner or later, you will have to face situations that are not mentioned in any textbook. There will be employees that don’t perform well or you really want to promote someone but the budget doesn’t fit the plan. 

Luckily, you are not the first person who has experienced this. Therefore, it’s crucial to find a trusted and experienced mentor. The right mentors for you are those with whom you can share confidential matters without worrying that he/she would spoil it to other people. 

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

Build a professional relationship, not a friendship

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One of the common mistakes that a new manager makes is they want people to like them, so he/she starts treating his/her colleagues as friends. This is wrong because friendship often hinders objective critics and feedback in a professional word. 

That is why you should build a professional relationship. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot have a personal closeness at all. Instead, you should measure that the closeness is in the right proportion. 

Stay humble and get to know your staff well, but make sure that this relationship revolves around something professional.

Explain your goals

When you become the boss, it also means that you will have a new boss. There is a lot of stuff to discuss, including what you want to achieve. 

You should start explaining your priority and your performance index both from you and your boss. Communicate and consolidate those targets so that it stays realistic and achievable. 

Always listen and learn

It’s not surprising when a newly-appointed manager wants to make a drastic change, but it’s actually not a good idea. You should resist any temptation to be the new blood in just one month. Use the time wisely. First and foremost, get to know your employees well. 

Conduct a face-to-face meeting with them to understand their role better. Ask them what they love about their jobs or ideas they want to unleash.

Of course, you can’t realize everyone’s dream, but you can say “I need your input to create our work plan.” This is an effective strategy to construct a positive and open relationship and you’d be surprised how impactful this act is in your staff’s performance. 

Act like you’re the role model

Gossiping about your boss during dine-in together? Running late for a meeting? Make sure it won’t happen again from now. As a manager, your staff will look up to you. 

Don’t expect your staff to work professionally if you are not. So, always be on time, do what you promise, resist personal opinion, and work hard to represent your department and company well. 

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Being a manager for the first time is not easy and there are many challenges. However, with the 7 tips above, your subordinates can enjoy and like you as a manager because it can improve the performance of both subordinates and yourself.

In order to improve managerial performance, you can use HashMicro’s EVA HRIS Essentials system. The system can simplify HR tasks and various employee administration processes, such as payroll, income tax21, manage leave and attendance lists, reimbursement processes, and other operational processes.

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download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp

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