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6 Secret Strategies to Start a Pizza Business

In Singapore, there are at least 10 pizza shops around the country. This is shown how people are keen to this Italian special dish. Every year, there are more and more Italian or specifically pizza restaurant in this country. Then, how to start a pizza business? Like other businesses, there are some strategies on how to start a pizza business. First, gain more information about the regulation, prepare the concept, look for locations, even find out how to promote the restaurant. Businesses can also use a multi-function POS Restaurant Software to process transactions, table management, and monitor the order status from the kitchen. Here are 6 secret strategies to start a pizza business!

start a pizza business

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Study the regulation

Like in other countries, you need to learn the regulation before starting a restaurant business in Singapore. Before you start your business, prepare some documents such as incorporation (ACRA), CPF (Central Provident Fund), Food Shop License, Basic Food Hygiene Training, S Pass (if you’re willing to hire foreigners), Liquor Licence (for restaurant which serves alcoholic drinks, GST IRAS (for F&B with more than $1M in manual revenue), Importing food license (for those who plan to import food), Entertainment license and tobacco retail license. Study here for more complete information!

Prepare the proper concept

A lot of restaurateurs really want to make the pizza as authentic as possible. For example, restaurant owners may want to serve Capricciosa, Neapolitan, Margherita and other kinds of Italian pizza. However, others would love to create fusion pizza like rendang, chicken tandoori pizza, and many more. Whatever concept you choose, plan it properly!

Find the best location to start a pizza business

Like other restaurant business, it is important to think of where you want to start a pizza business. Choosing the wrong location will not only make your restaurant hardly developed but even also bankrupt. Try to list your desirable locations with the pro and cons on each location. Do not forget to compare building rental price, competitors around the location, access, and many more.

Hire the right employee

Hiring experienced employees are much easier than hiring the right ones. After you sorted the most experienced and skilled employees, you need to interview them in the right way. Ask them about the experiences and skills they have got and find out if they are valuable for your restaurant. To simplify the recruitment process in your company, such as CV screening, applicant tracking, test scheduling, and more, you can use the best HRIS Software in Singapore.

Once you decided on the best candidates, don’t forget to train them properly. Many restaurateurs think that training is not important as the employees have great experiences. But, those who think that way are totally wrong. Whether experienced or not, new employees have a right to get proper training. By using Competency Management System, will helps you improve your employee performance to meet the standards desired by the company. This way, you can reduce the employee turnover.

Promote your pizza business

Spending a specific amount of money for promotion is a must. We know that promotion is very important so that customers come to your restaurant. Today, there are many ways to promote the restaurant. In this digital era, especially, you can utilize the power of social media. Give a great visualization and catchy captions every time you post something. Attract more customers by using Ads like Facebook Ads, for instance.

Implement Software

There are much software which streamlines any daily operational. POS System, for example, it does not only help you to streamline the transaction process, but also help you to track your valuable customers. For an accountant, Accounting Software is really helpful. By using it, generating journal, invoice, tax and generating in-depth financial reports are much easier and more accurate. Meanwhile, inventory system helps the staff to manage stock. This system also helps the restaurant to reduce food recalls as every label can be tracked more accurately.


The F&B business is a business that is widely cultivated by the wider community. One example is the pizza restaurant business. Pizza itself is a food that many people consume so that its potential and attractiveness is very large for business opportunities. However, in managing a pizza restaurant requires several strategies to manage and develop the restaurant to be bigger.

start a pizza business

Managing the restaurant manually will certainly take a long time and make the business development slower. Therefore, your restaurant needs to use Hash F&B Technology so that restaurant management runs well, can facilitate your business management by increasing sales, maintaining inventory availability, and increasing customer retention.

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