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4 Simple Tips to Make Generation Z Your Loyal Customer

We heard millennials term quite often, but have you heard about Generation Z? Besides millennials, a lot of businesses target Generation Z due to their better understanding of technology.

In terminology, Generation Z is a group of people when technology developing rapidly. They can access various information quickly and share that information with their friends and relatives through social media channels.

That’s the reason business owners make Generation Z as their potential customer. While their knowledge about technology is better, Gen Z also has a higher level of loyalty with a brand when they recognize the quality of the said brand.

So, how do you attract the Gen Z to buy your products? Here are some tips you can try:

Learn the Generation Z social media habits

This unique generation often uses several social media on a daily basis. They use Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube at least two hours per day. Thus, if you want your business or products to appear on their timeline, you have to advertise it on those platforms.

Research before deciding which platform is the best to advertise your products. It’s an easy way to adjust your advertising budget on each social media. If the research shows you that your potential market spends their time on Instagram the most, then you can increase your Instagram ads budget.

Hire influencers

Influencers have a significant impact on most of the decisions made by gen z. Usually, they search for information from several influencers before deciding to buy a product or service.

It’s the reason why a lot of companies hire influencers to market their products. Compared to celebrities, influencers are more capable of gaining more customers.

Create an interactive experience with Generation Z

Gen Z is an openminded bunch of peoples. They like to voice their opinion on website pages or social media. They behave this way because they love it when other people listen to what they say.

A lot of gen z actively share their comments or reviews of a product. Let them give their opinions on the comment sections on your social media and show them that you appreciate those comments.

As you gain more positive reviews and comments on your products, you will see more and more people are flocking on your store to purchase it from you. Pick some constructive criticisms as the foundation to improve your service or products in the future.

Create a comfortable shopping experience

It’s undeniable that most of Gen Z prefer to shop online rather than buying directly on a store. For this type of Gen Z, make sure you provide some payment alternatives so they won’t have to go to an ATM to complete their purchase, such as debit/credit card.

But there are also some Gen Z that choose to come directly to a store. This way, they don’t have to wait for shipments and can see the merchandise with their own eyes. Provide the best experience for Gen Z that come to your store with fast transactions from a cutting edge POS system.

POS also enables business owners to hold a loyalty program that is in high demand for many Gen Z. Programs such as buy one get one or free shipping are popular among them. Optimize those programs with the help of the best POS software.


There are several ways you can try to make your retail business appear more attractive to Generation Z. A lot of business owners target them as potential customers due to their massive numbers and their knowledge of technology. With the best strategy, business owners will be able to reach this unique market. Good luck!

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