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10 Leading Fintech Startups in Singapore

Investors have always looked into what the best performers, or people they like, are up to. An advanced Accounting Software can help that desired performance to create income and cash flow statements and many more. Management accounting challenges usually involve collecting, recording and reporting financial information from several departments. Therefore, you must get a full-fledged Accounting System with robust features to manage your finance such as cash flow management, journal entries, and reconciliation. The FinTech business is undergoing massive transformations right now. So many companies have been gradually pushed out of the game as more players have entered. To provide the right solutions, we offer a prodigious Accounting Software for seamless invoicing management as our priority. We filtered the FinTech businesses in our Top 10 FinTech Startups Singapore List about their performance. You can also download the price calculation for software based on your business requirements. Let’s dive into that!

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Grab currently offers “Pay Later” with two key functions in terms of fintech loans. Customers can pay Grab at the end of the month without incurring any additional fees. In addition, Grab offers a microinsurance marketplace for driver partners as well as personal accident insurance should they want extra coverage. Grab is the only way to get to this service. Automobile insurance products using the idea of “pay-as-you-drive” premium payment will be available in the future. It allows driving partners to pay just for insurance while they drive, as well as micro life and critical illness insurance. As the digital financing and debt investment company, it must need the best-in-class peppol Accounting Software for enterprises.


Tencent, Garena, and Netflix, for example, use Coda to commercialize games and other digital content. Codapay allows these businesses to accept over 100 different payment options on their websites, including direct carrier billing, bank or ATM transfers, cash payments at convenience stores, online vouchers, and e-wallets. Codashop, a site where users may top up their gaming credits and other digital services, is also run by the company. It also provides a white-label Codashop version, which allows ecommerce businesses to sell a variety of digital material.


ShereIt is a stock brokerage firm’s white-label social trading network. The platform has several features. Traders get inspiration to exchange trades and ideas with other traders all around the world, as well as integrated trade copy and analytics tools to boost trading profits. The best wholesale business innovation is meant to help your company significantly improve its efficiency. You can also increase deal volume, faster conversion ratios, and improved client insights for brokerage businesses. It takes advantage of the notion of social trading to make share trading simple for everyone.


TOAST is a peer-to-peer money transfer program that enables Filipinos in Singapore and Hong Kong to send money home directly from their smartphones, bypassing traditional banking infrastructure and the need to queue at a Money Transfer Shop. They distinguish themselves by providing the most cost-effective price options. Their total equity funding is $865.93k in 2 rounds from 4 investors. To calculate the profit & loss and Real-time financial report, your company should have an impressive Finance ERP software to  optimize your client requirements fulfillment in a real-time platform.


M-DAQ is a game-changing platform that prices and trades exchange-traded products in a multitude of choice currencies by blending ‘executable’ FX rates into equities and futures products. It was founded by a group of veterans from the FX and Securities Industries, with experience averaging 15 years among the key members. M-DAQ allows securities exchanges to adopt multi-currency without requiring major changes to their systems or back-end operations, and at a minimal initial and ongoing cost. Regardless of their profile or trade size, all investors may now profit from a multi-bank FX wholesale pricing in their overseas investment. It’s a Game Changer with the goal of establishing a World Without Currency Borders.


FundedHere was created in Singapore in 2015, and it is the first Singapore-based crowdfunding platform to offer both equity and lending-based crowdfunding. Equity crowdsourcing is a type of financing in which people participate in start-ups in return for equity stakes in the company. They will be entitled to future capital gains as well as dividends announced by the start-ups if they keep such shares. Lending-based crowdfunding is when investors lend money to a company in exchange for a legally enforceable promise from the firm to repay the loan at predetermined intervals and interest rates. FundedHere’s main goal is to link investors with Asian entrepreneurs. The goal is allowing to fund strong entrepreneurial ideas. After that, also providing investors with favorable returns.

download skema harga software erp
download skema harga software erp


Smartkarma is an independent financial research platform that is revolutionizing the way investors develop, share, and consume investment information. They provide distinctive analysis and transparency into the Asian markets. Global institutional investors usually use to securely drive their investment strategies as a trustworthy information source. They bring together intelligence from the world’s top industry experts in one collaborative marketplace. It aims to help investors improve efficiencies, boost returns, and optimize research spend. All while gaining access to the most comprehensive global analysis of Asian markets available.

Invoice Interchange

Invoice Interchange is a peer-to-peer invoice trading platform. It also allows businesses to auction off their outstanding bills to investors for instant cash. They’re a flexible pay-as-you-go service with no restricted security arrangements. It offers hidden fees, or minimum charges, and entire control granted to business owners.

Funding Societies

This company was founded in 2015 with the goal of improving Southeast Asian society by providing financial possibilities to everybody. They are committed to closing the SME funding gap in the area. Then also offering people and institutions a simple and short-term fixed-income investment choice. This company is one of Southeast Asia’s largest SME digital financing and debt investment platforms. Funding Societies specializes in short-term financing for SMEs, funded by individual and institutional investors.



Fintech businesses have flocked to Singapore, Southeast Asia’s financial capital. With the large Asian market so near at hand, the city-state has increased its strategic relevance for enterprises by developing cutting-edge smartphone technology and services. As more people purchase online due to the COVID-19 epidemic, internet payments have grown in popularity. The companies should be able to minimize manual accounting procedures like asset depreciation calculations and more using the online Accounting System integration. Singapore-based software have created super apps that make the services available on smartphones. The fast development of digital finance technology has also produced synergy, allowing fintech businesses to grow quickly. In order for that to happen, our advanced software minimizes human errors by calculating accruals and amortizations automatically. You can also get a free demo and consult your company’s needs with our business experts using our software pricing scheme. Click here to contact us!


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