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Keep track of your financials with Singapore Localized Accounting Software

The system allows you to manage all your accounting needs with help of few clicks. This cuts down overhead in managing accounting related expenses for your organization. Therefore it brings the control of your accounts back in your hands with no more accounting problems at all.

Singapore Retail Accounting Management Software System
  • HashMicro Accounting Management Software Singapore will help you keep track of your purchases, orders, assets, etc.
  • Being IRAS compliant and Singapore Localized, HashMicro Accounting & Billing Software will help you generate all the reports you require.
  • Generate Transaction History, General Ledger, Profit & Loss, IAF, GST Reports easily with a single click.
  • Store and retrieve transactions history. Reports can be pulled to get the data in exchangeable formats.

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Here are HashMicro Singapore Localized Accounting Management Software Features:

  • Invoice Creation & Management
  • Multi Currency Support
  • Manage Purchase Orders, Delivery Orders, Credit Notes, GRN, etc
  • IRAS Compliant Financial Reports
  • Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Ledger Balance, Trial Balance Generation
  • GST Form F5 & Form F7 Generation
  • IRAS Audit File Generation
  • Assets & Depreciation Management
  • Journal Entry Management
  • Chart of Account, Chart of Taxes Management
Singapore Localized Accounting Management Software System
Singapore Accounting Management Software System


HashMicro Accounting & Billing Software has been developed in accordance financial rules and regulations of Singapore. Hence, reports are generated to meet IRAS' requirements for the users across Singapore to help businesses submit & track Singapore financial reports.

Singapore Accounting Management Software System


Reminders can be set for the bills to ensure the transactions happen on stipulated timelines. This makes the users confident about the payments too. Also it helps ensure to collect the payments for all the bills and invoices without any frustrations that normally happen because of delayed payments.

Singapore Accounting Management Software System


Manage all your financial documents through HashMicro Singapore Localized Accounting Management Software. Keep track of all your Purchase Orders, Delivery Orders, Credit Notes, GRN, easily through the system. All document formats will be customized to your business.

Singapore Accounting Management Software System


The invoicing system does allow generating reoccurring invoices. This leads to less work for generating invoices involving repetitive actions and saves your time eventually. The invoices can be also generated for various purposes hence strengthen the systems’ flexibility.

Singapore Accounting Management Software System


The payments done by the customers or students can be easily managed with the help of HashMicro Singapore Accounting & Billing System. The system organizes the payments through an easy to understand user interface while facilitating uncomplicated selection and retrieval.

Singapore Accounting Management Software System


History is maintained for the transactions done on the system allowing quick access to recently done transactions. Reporting on the system allows easy to interpret reports for the users. Transaction and billing reports can be kept as long as needed.

Enhance the effectiveness of retail/fashion accounting management system Singapore by integrating it with your business needs and including customized features as per your business requirements. This lets you use the same platform and perform the other tasks at the same time without getting a different system! Bring in the novel features to your system and get the best value for the accounting solutions.

Singapore Localized Retail Accounting Management Software
  • Integrate Accounting System with Inventory Management Software to get the total cost estimation of your inventory
  • You can integrate Accounting System with Purchase Management System to monitor the costs spent on your purchases
  • Make your revenue forecast more accurate and generate comprehensive sales reports with the help of CRM System

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Yes, as our software promotes productivity and is designed to boost your company's business efficiency. You can claim several government grants like PIC, CDG & iSprint. Claim percentage for CDG & iSprint is up to 70% and 40% for PIC.
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HashMicro has a long history of successful & satisfied ERP implementations, and one of HashMicro's core values is to uphold customer satisfaction, meaning we will do our best to bring the best services to our customers. We also innovate new features & upgrades to keep up to date with the latest trends. Our clients are entitled to the updates at free of cost.
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Our softwares are ready products that are constantly being upgraded by our research & development team. We also understand that each industry has different needs, hence our softwares are equipped with wide range of functions / modules that are tailored for each industry.
Yes, we do customize our products to meet our clients' unique needs. Depending on the requirements, we may even have the ready add-ons or modules built beforehand.
Yes, we have a mobile app version of our software to better help your company automate your business better. Our mobile app covers a wide range of functionalities depending on the module you are looking for.


We're happy with the results we've gained from implementing HashMicro’s CRM system. It has helped us improve our customer management by allowing us to gain better visibility into our customer databases and our sales team daily activities. Managing contact information, inquiries, and price lists has never been easier.
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We receive a large number of appointment requests every day and we knew that managing them manually would be very inefficient. But with the help of HashMicro’s Booking Software, we can now schedule our appointments with clients, take payments, keep track of open slots, and even send reminders for upcoming appointments, all through a single system.
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HashMicro ERP System
HashMicro ERP System
HashMicro ERP System
HashMicro ERP System
HashMicro ERP System
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